Monday, September 29, 2008

Menu Plan Monday


Monday- "McRibs" (my copy cat version of McDonalds mcrib sandwhich)
Curly Fries
Tue- Crock Pot Chile and corn bread muffins

Wed-BBQ Chicken breasts and cheesey brocolli rice

Thur-Spegetti and garlic bread

Fri-Fozen pizza's


Christina said...

Ohhhh can I have the McRibs recipe?!?

Briana's Bargains said...

Found you on Meal Plan Monday and noticed you were from Indiana too! :)

I'm interested in the McRibs recipe too! DH loves that one!

HDMac said...

Oh YUM! Everything sounds so good!!!!!

Kirstin said...

yum..the cheesy broccolie rice sounds good as does the McRibs.

Jill said...

I to would be interested in those recipies, and I'm also from Indiana!:)