Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

I hope everyone had a nice Halloween, it was a BEAUTIFUL one!!! This is only the 2nd Halloween I ever remember where we weren't bundled up in coats...usually you pay $50 for a stupid costume nobody ever sees because it's too cold to show it!!!! But tonight was beautiful. The kids didn't have school I got to sleep in YAY ME!!! Then we went to Isaiah's appt w/ his DAN Dr. that went well, and we're on to step 2 where we're starting some supplements in addition to the diet. We are a week into the diet, and I haven't seen much if any change, until today...a physical change. I was running my fingers threw Isaiah's hair loveingly, when I relized something was missing. For the first time in 4 years there was no psoriasis. Isaiah has had a patch of psoriasis on head, a round spot at least 2x2...well it's gone completely. Mind you I have tried every single product on the market and have begged the pediatrition for something stronger because nothing has gotten rid of it. I mean we're talking to where its thick and bleeding when it's at it's worst...and now it's gone, not a cm of it that's exciting. No changes in behaviors though, but hey it's only been a week!!! So after the Dr. appt we went to the orchard, they had an AMAZING event set up there, I hope they make this a yearly tradition it was so cool! Everything was free (which normally for a family of 5 you're looking at dropping $100 down for a day trip)...they had BOO CHOO rides (this little make shift train attatched to a tractor), hay rides, trick or treating in the animal farm (which I must say they got as much candy there as they did trick or treating in our entire neighborhood!), Pete the pumpkin eating dragon (made out of a crane) was "awake" (during normal days he only "wakes" up once an hour to do a show) Isaiah LOVES Pete...every since our first trip there 4 years ago, Isaiah waves to Pete every time we drive by the orchard. It was so much fun! Then we went home and it was time to trick or treat. Xander lasted an hour then he was ready to go home. So I took him home and Rob and the older two finished trick or treating. They have WAY too much candy...but we sure did have alot of fun!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Well, our first appt w/ our new DAN Dr. went great. Isaiah responded well to him. I like him and his knowledge and ideas. We will be mixing BIO MED,Chiropractics, and acupuncture for Isaiah's treatment. I don't know if or what insurance will cover because autism isn't "treatable" in their opinions so at this point in time they don't HAVE to cover these services...hopefully some day that will change.

So we are day three on the gluten free, casein free, soy free diet. We haven't seen any changes yet obviously, it's still way too early, I'm hopeful yet sceptically anxious.

Breakfast hasn't been as hard as I thought. I found a few cereals he can have, and he likes the almond milk yay!!! At this point he can still have eggs, and I found GF/CF/SF sausage patties.

Lunch is harder. Friday I sent him PB&J on rice cakes...but he didn't like the rice cakes. Oh well trial and error.

He goes back Friday for his next session w/ Dr. Chris.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Defeat Autism Now

We finally got our first DAN (Deafeat Autism Now) Dr. here in the suburbs! Before you either had to drive to Indianapolis or Chicago for one. Isaiah has an appt with him October 23.I've been a little reluctant to the whole biomed thing. I'm not the type to blindly jump on a bandwagon, and would never switch up my child's diet or start giving supplements on my own. But, I'm willing to safely try it under a trained Dr.'s guidance. Hopefully we'll see the improvements in Isaiah that so many other parents have seen in their autistic children...if not at least we'll know we've tried.

Like Me

Anyone who knows me...knows it takes alot to reach my heart...only 1 movie has ever made me cry, I watch people dieing every day at work and it almost never phases me...It take alot to move me...but this had me in tears. Maybe because it has so much to do w/ the struggles we're going threw with my autistic son, and my heart breaks for him every day, but since it moved me so much I really wanted to share this.

Like Me

I went to my dad, and I said to him,
There’s a new kid who’s come to my school.
He’s different from me and he isn’t too cool.
No, he’s nothing at all like me, like me,
No, he’s nothing at all like me.

He runs in a funnyish, jerkyish way,
And he never comes first in a race.
Sometimes he forgets which way is first base,
And he’s nothing at all like me, like me,
No, he’s nothing at all like me.

He studies all day in a separate class,
And they say that it’s called Special Ed.
And sometimes I don’t understand what he’s said.
No, he’s nothing at all like me, like me,
No, he’s nothing at all like me.

His face looks kind of different from mine,
And his talking is sometimes slow.
And it makes me feel funny and there’s one thing I know;
He is not at all like me,
No, he’s nothing at all like me!

And my father said, "Son, I want you to think
when you meet someone different and new,
That he may seem a little bit strange, it’s true,
But he’s not very different from you, from you,
No, he’s not very different from you".

Well I guess, I admitted, I’ve looked at his face;
When he’s left out of games he feels bad.
And when other kids tease him, I can see he’s so sad.
I guess that’s not so different from me, from me,
No, that’s not very different from me.

And when we’re in music, he sure loves to sing.
And he sings just like me, right out loud.
When he gets his report card, I can tell he feels proud.
And that’s not very different from me, from me,
No, that’s not very different from me.

And I know in the lunchroom he has lots of fun;
He loves hot dogs and ice cream and fries.
And he hates to eat spinach and that’s not a surprise,
Cause that’s not very different from me, from me,
No, that’s not very different from me.

And he’s always so friendly, he always says hi,
And he waves and he calls out my name.
And he likes to be friends and get into a game,
Which is not very different from me, from me,
No, I guess that’s not different from me.

And his folks really love him, I saw them at school,
I remember on Open School Night -
They were smiling and proud and they hugged him real tight,
And that’s not very different from me, from me,
No, that’s not very different from me.

So I said to my dad, "Hey, you know that new kid?"
Well I’ve really been thinking a lot.
Some things are different ... and some things are not ...
But mostly he’s really like me, like me,
Yes, my new friend’s ... a lot ... like me!

By: Emily Perl Kingsley

Friday, October 10, 2008

I wrote the teacher

So here was her responce, I just LOVE his teacher!

Mrs. ****,

I'm so sorry to hear that he is feeling left out. It appears that there is some apprehension or shyness when he's in the classroom with the students. When we work in small groups he seems to feel proud when he excels and interacts with the kids. However I feel it is very important to help him feel more comfortable with his classmates. I will check on places Isaiah isn't in my class to see if there are kids he's playing with at times. I will also find out who he would like to play or work with and buddy them up. Do you feel he would like to be moved to another table and sit with other kids? I can move several students if you think it will help.

The things we try will be done in such a way that he won't be singled out. Your input and suggestions are very important. Let me know what you think of the suggestions I have.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I wish children came with instruction books

I don't know where to start, I'm just going to ramble for a minute because I don't know what else to do:::sigh:::: When Isaiah was in the special ed preschool they recommended he be put in general ed classes w/ special ed help. I always hoped and worried we made the right choice...and figured time would tell. Last year he did great...but it was kindergarten when everyone is friends. This year I ask him every day who he plays w/ at recess and he always says no one. It breaks my heart that my little boy has no friends. Maybe I should have him back in a special ed school. He's so in between, he just doesn't fit in anywhere. There's nothing in the world worse than being lonley, having no one to talk to, to relate to, to be friends with. Everyone should have at least ONE best friend in the world. I just so sad for my little guy. I just want him to have one friend :*(

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm Single

Well, for the week anyway...Rob is out of town for a class he needs for work, It's gonna be so wierd. The kids will go to his sisters house after school, I will be at work. Since I get off work so late they will sleep over and she will drop them off here in the mornings. So after work there will be no husband or children in my house...I don't think I've slept in a house by myself...gosh EVER???? I moved out of my parents house, to a house w/ people, to having my I"ve always lived w/ someone will be strange living alone for a week!

Monday, October 6, 2008

No Menu Plan Monday...

I won't be doing a menu plan this week. Rob will be out of town from Tuesday morning threw Friday evening...I work all week and the kids will be with my sister in law after school, so there will be no one to cook for except me,so I will probably just do tv dinners this week or eat at the hospital cafeteria.