Sunday, June 7, 2009

Meet Kloee!!! Our new future Autism Service Dog!!!

Sat. Rob and I were both off of work, so I had set up appt.s w/ breeders to go look at puppies. My trainer had given me a list of characteristics to look for to help select a good trainable service dog...picking a pet is easy you find the cutest one, that is playful and responds the best to your family. I'll admit I was nervous as heck picking out a service dog. But I found one, that matched all the criteria we were looking for. Met her mama who was very sweet and friendly (another criteria). So we decided to take her home. We stopped by petsmart on the way home to find her a harness, shampoo, puppy food, and some toys.

I remembered having a puppy was like having a newborn but what I forgot is that you worry about them like they're a newborn! She slept and wouldn't eat most of the day and I was worried sick! I text my trainer who said she probably was just overstimulated. Made me feel better but was still worried she wasn't acting like a puppy!

By the end of the night she finally ate, and today she's much more energetic so I'm relieved! Hopefully she'll make a good addition to our family!


Heather said...

She is soooo adorable!! I can not wait to "watch" her grow and hear all the tales of her training!

Bridgett said...

She's so cute! What breed is she?

Can't wait to hear how everything goes!


Anonymous said...

Shes beautiful! Sorry I just stumbled on your blog in my search for harnesses. I also have a child with autism and we have picked out his puppy also, well the breeder did, and he comes home in 5 weeks and we are soooo excited! My son who cant/wont even call me mommy, in 5 minutues can know a dogs name, and be telling him to sit and fetch and giving the dog hugs, its such a beautiful thing to watch.
What all are you getting Kloee trained to do and where are you getting supplies from? We are also getting a german shepherd (which Im guessing is what Khloe is) and I really want to get him trained to do SAR and just keep my son from trying to kill himself in the streets or causing himself brain damage by repeatedly headbutting the concrete, or walls, or whatever else is around him.
Good luck on everything!!

Welcome To My World said...

Hi Misty, thanks for visiting my blog! It's amazing the way they respond to animals isn't it??? I really want to do horse back riding w/ Isaiah as well, he did it at camp and responded so great, but right now it's not in the budget.

Mostly Kloee will be trained to calm him during a meltdown, prevent him from running off in public, and bark if someone bullies him...those are the biggest things I wanted her for.