Saturday, August 8, 2009

T-11 days and counting

11 more days till the kids are back in school...11 more days to get my house organized so we can have easy stress free days! I got the mud room turned back into a mudroom yesterday (as opposed to the catchall storage room it had become) Rob put up huge shoe wracks on one of the walls for me...everyone has their own wrack, it looks like a shoe store in there lol, but it's SOOOOOOOO wonderful to have ALL the shoes in one spot LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The back packs have spots, the lunch bags have's great. Got Tierra's room and closet organized, the boys room and closet is organized everything is organized and pretty much ready to I just need to get the house cleaned as it has become a pit w/ me doing so many projects...I've got 11 days (of which most I work) to get it done...times a ticking!

Tuesday Xander has his kindergarten testing to see if he'll get all day kindergarten or 1/2 day. I'm soooooooo praying he gets whole day, I feel like he needs it'll just make life so much easier w/ me working and all...I'll update when I know!


Christina said...

I could tell from your FB that you have been busy!!