Friday, October 10, 2008

I wrote the teacher

So here was her responce, I just LOVE his teacher!

Mrs. ****,

I'm so sorry to hear that he is feeling left out. It appears that there is some apprehension or shyness when he's in the classroom with the students. When we work in small groups he seems to feel proud when he excels and interacts with the kids. However I feel it is very important to help him feel more comfortable with his classmates. I will check on places Isaiah isn't in my class to see if there are kids he's playing with at times. I will also find out who he would like to play or work with and buddy them up. Do you feel he would like to be moved to another table and sit with other kids? I can move several students if you think it will help.

The things we try will be done in such a way that he won't be singled out. Your input and suggestions are very important. Let me know what you think of the suggestions I have.


Heather said...

oh yeah!! i'm so happy for you!! it's great to have such an understanding teacher :)

Cindy said...

yay. I amd glad you write the teacher, great news!

Christina said...

Awesome! What a great teacher!