Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Defeat Autism Now

We finally got our first DAN (Deafeat Autism Now) Dr. here in the suburbs! Before you either had to drive to Indianapolis or Chicago for one. Isaiah has an appt with him October 23.I've been a little reluctant to the whole biomed thing. I'm not the type to blindly jump on a bandwagon, and would never switch up my child's diet or start giving supplements on my own. But, I'm willing to safely try it under a trained Dr.'s guidance. Hopefully we'll see the improvements in Isaiah that so many other parents have seen in their autistic children...if not at least we'll know we've tried.


Anonymous said...


yea that's one thing that I'm glad I live in Indy for... our DAN doctor...

Heather said...

yeah! I saw your comment on my blog and was meaning to write you back so glad that you wrote this post so I remembered!
I started Brian on his diet before we saw our DAN! doctor- unfortunately I just can't afford the DAN! doctor- being a single mom and all.... we went a few times so we could get started on supplements and stuff (which I didn't want to just start on my own research)- I would give anything to continue going though- they are so great!!!!!
I would recommend that you read Lisa Lewis' Special Diets for Special Kids and Karyn Seroussi's Unraveling the Mystery of Autism... I read both before we started the diet and they are incredibly helpful!
For breakfast Envirokidz makes great GF cereals that are kid-friendly, Vans makes a brnad of frozen GF waffles, and GF pancakes are super easy to make and of course ther eis always scrambled eggs!
But just be warned that the DAN! doctor might not push the GF/CF diet but instead the Specific Carbohydrate Diet which is much more limiting but there have been a lot of success on it for many kids! We tried it for a month and then stopped- at the time he was going to his fathers on the weekends and we were seeing such a horrible reaction every week because his dad wouldn't follow the diet that I thought it was really hurting him more than anything... I'm thinking about trying it again now though since I was awarded sole parental rights :)

Sorry so long lol!! Anytime you have questions don't hesitate to ask! :)

Christina said...

That is awesome! Good luck with the appt!

Anonymous said...

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