Friday, February 13, 2009

Changes at work

So we always knew this was coming, it was just WHEN instead of if...the demise of the resource department I work in. So now we will, in a since be auctioned off to the various floors...we don't know if we'll get any say or input at all on the would be NICE if we somewhat got to PICK our floors...

If I could pick it would be (in this order)
Cancer floor

My LEAST favorite are


I don't WANT to work ONE floor, it's really going to SUCK, I like the variety, I like things changing, I like avoiding the drama of one floor...but that's not an option any more

I'm certain that the floors that are in my LEAST favorite are the ones that will be getting the majority of us...I know I'm not going to ICU, they wanted me, and approached me, but said they neecded someone who can also work days not just 3-11's so that SUCKS, cuz I won't go there, I have heard that IMCU wants me as well as Med/surg...I don't think ortho or detox will pick me, cuz I don't float there much so they don't really know me...soooooo I will probably get IMCU or Med/surg. So that's that...I'll update when I know more.


Christina said...

That sucks Michelle, I hope whatever you get isn't too bad!