Friday, February 20, 2009


When I called the house tonight from work to say hi to the kids, Zae was really upset...I guess he got a note sent home, that this last time he was sick (w/ strep) put him at 5 missed days for the school year...the kids are only aloud 4 sick days a now he has to stay after school twice next week. He said his feeling are hurt (I think he just means he's sad but doesn't know how to express that)...I feel so guilty though, one day he missed because I was soooo horribly sick I just couldn't get him ready and off to school, it was the one and only time I've used a sick day at work in a year. But as the mom I should have pushed harder and MADE myself get him ready, I feel so bad that he has to suffer because of me now. But honestly I think the 4 sick day rule is a little over the top, hell I get more than that for work and I'm adult!!!...I understand we're an exemplary school district and it's important for kids to be in school blah blah blah...but I am NOT sending my kids to school w/ strep! And the more they force parents to send their kids in sick the more the kids are going to GET sick @@@@@@@@@@.

Thank goodness last year they were aloud 10 missed days, last year Isaiah was phobic of thunderstorms...he has bad anxiety issues, as well as sensory issues...and thunderstorms were too much for him, if it was storming i couldn't get him to school he was in full meltdown mode. I mean it was fright or flight, pure he missed probably 5 days to being sick and probably 5 due to storms.

I don't know I'm just annoyed and feeling thought I'd vent and tell on myself lol.


M. Christensen said...

That is stupid! For our school they only get paid for each child if they are at school so that is why they are so strict. Give yourself a break! You were sick!

Jill said...

I have never heard of a school only allowing 4 absences a year - sometimes kids (especially in elementary school) can miss 4 days for one illness. That is nuts. I agree, don't beat yourself up. When you're sick, you're sick - and you do what you can. Hopefully you won't have any more sickness (for you or the kids) this school year!

Christina said...

Wow, only 4 days?! That is a crazy rule! Poor guy :-(