Sunday, September 6, 2009

A little update

I've been such a bad blogger lately, I just haven't had time, energy or motivation it seems! Hopefully I'll snap out of this funk soon! Just a quick update though...Xander got all day Kindergarten!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooooo happy this will do so much for our family! I'm going to be doing doubles on Tuesday's and Thursday's and work 8 hours on Sundays, so I can knock out my 40 hours in 3 days and have 4 days a week home w/ my family. I'm going to try it for 6 weeks and see how it goes...I'm nervous, I don't know if I can handle 16 straight hours at work, it's not like I work behind a desk you know, after 8 hours I'm we'll see, but it would be great to be home w/ my family 4 days a week and still get my 40 hours at work.

Work is starting to pick back up, the hospital worked out whatever it needed between the ER docs and Anthem, so we now accept them again, so that's helped...hopefully I'll start getting my hours again, and we can catch up on the bills that we are so behind on.

Miss Kloee the puppy is growing so fast, she no longer looks like a little puppy, but like a miniture german shepherd now. She has begun basic training, teaching normal puppy stuff, sit...leave it...walking on a leash... etc.
She's really smart, but she is such a puppy wild and chewy, I won't miss this stage when it's gone!

I think that's about it for what's new here

Here's a new pic of Kloee and Isaiah


Bridgett said...

I used to do a 16 and two 12 hour shifts a week. I did that for a couple years.

I wasn't crazy about the 16 hour shift, but it was nice having all those extra days off.

Good luck!


Christina said...

Miss Kloee is getting so big! I'm glad she is working out. Good luck with the shifts, I hope it all works out!