Friday, April 10, 2009

No more Mrs. Nice Girl

So today, yet again Isaiah informs me of more bullying on the school bus, this time after they were done taunting him, one girl stuck her foot in his face and told him to kiss her dirty shoe...I am done asking the school nicely to help my son...Monday morning Rob and I are marching into the school and demanding they help my son, and if they don't I will be going to the school board, from there to the mayors office and from there to the we need a spokesperson like Jesse Jackson who will come raise a fuss when we are ignored lol...I'm soooooooooo frustrated and angry! I'd hate to see what my blood pressure is, I've been shaking w/ anger for hours now! Man I wish they had school tomorrow! I was reading an article about a mom who got on the bus w/ a gun to threaten the kids who were bullying her son! I understand where she's coming from and that scares me!!! I want really bad things to come of these children, and that's not me, but I've been pushed to the point where I fear I could snap! If anyone has been threw this and has any advice I'm open and willing to take it! I can't believe how cruel kids are :(


Christina said...

UG (((Michelle))) I can feel your anger...good for you for going down there Monday,I hope they listen this time!!

Angela Warner said...

Michelle... NO GUNS ALLOWED!!! Encountered a situation with my oldest Isaac last month. A kid at his school has been bullying him all year. When Isaac told me the kid took his water bottle from his lunch and bonked him over the head with it, that was the last straw.

We have always counseled Isaac to take actions to deter further bullying - such as moving away from the situation or voicing his opinion or talking with school personnel. That night my hubby and I changed our minds. We gave Isaac permission to deck the kid the next time he did something like this. Isaac laughed knowing full well he could and impressed we would give him permission to do so. Isaac took karate for awhile - no doubt he could.

I then called up the school and talked with the principal and told him that if this doesn't stop, I better not receive a phone call from you telling me my son is expelled from school and here's why. That was all it took. The other kids parents were called in to school the next day among other things and there has been no more bullying since then.

Guns are not allowed :) but FISTS ARE and sometimes those come in verbal form. Especially if the school has an "anti-bullying" policy.

If you think I can help anymore - email me.
With Kindred Spirit,

Bridgett said...

I can offer no advice, but I can empathize. I would be beyond pissed.

I hope this is straightened out shortly. Please keep us updated. :(