Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday's Window Into My World/Whine

Well, I'm sick I have the flu...I'm so miserable, and in so much pain...I really should have called off work, but I'm too stupid and loyal... so the shift starts off crazy, I have this new patient who's a screamer, I'm like oh crap I don't have the energy for this. I was in her room 100 times it felt like in the first hour of my shift. Finally she quiets down, and we're so relieved, I call to make sure her dinner is ordered, and then I was sitting outside her room gossiping w/ a couple of the nurses I work w/ when the daughter walks in, walks right back and w/ this panicked look on her face and says WHATS WRONG W/ HER???? The nurse and I look at each other and are like what do you mean, we were just in there and she was fine. I'm thinking daughter is overreacting so I stayed at the station while the nurse went in to check on her, and I hear her saying the patients name over and over. Then I knew something was wrong so I went and grabbed a machine to get her vitals, I walk in and the lady is grey and in obvious resp. distress. So I grabbed the phone and call the RAT team (rapid action team)which is a group of ICU nurses, Resp. therapist, and nursing supervisor who we call when someone is about to code. The lady is a DNR so we wouldn't code her, but you still treat! We throw a 02 mask on her, I take her oxygen its 50 something (100 is what you want, anything under 90 is bad)...I tell you what though, nothing like a little adrenaline to make you forget you're sick! So we work on the lady for a while, it's apparent there's really nothing we can do to save her, we transfer her off to a tele floor for closer monitoring, we're thinking she probably threw a clot the way she went so fast.

So I struggle threw the rest of my shift and finally get to the end. One of the other nurses asks me to walk her patient, he was a fresh surgery and he had been refusing to I say sure, I'm always willing to help out even if it's not my patient, so I go in and tell him his Dr. wants him to walk and he starts freaking out on me...he's like where's my nurse, I said she's in another patients room, she asked me to come walk you for he's yelling about walking, and I'm not really listening...I pull his blankets off and he yells at me not to mess them up...I said well you gotta take them off to walk, in sortof a joking voice trying to lighten him up, and he LOSES IT...he's like are you getting smart w/ me, I was like NO, I must have had the most OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS look on my face, and am in total disbelief that this dude is FREAKING out over a little walk, he continues to go off about I better not be i'm too young to get an attitude w/ him blah blah blah... so I'm ignoring him go ahead and scream, I finally get him up, yelling at me the whole time, he walks a few feet in the hallway, being a jerk the whole time, get back to his room, he keeps yelling saying pick my feet up, do this do that...finally he goes WTH are you doing, I laughed and said listening to you yell at me for some reason, which of course he didn't like that very much, so I tucked his nasty ass into bed and left he's like what's your name, I said Michelle, what's your name, he's like YOU KNOW MY NAME, I said no I don't you're not my patient, he's like YOU DONT NEED TO KNOW MY NAME...he had an outpatient surgery, but refused to go home cuz he doesn't have anyone to take care of him, I can see why! So he asks to talk to his nurse, and apparently tells her he is going to talk to my boss to have me fired @@, so moral of the story call off work when your sick and don't do anyone any favors lol
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Bridgett said...

Sounds like a grand day! LOL

Gah. I remember those days. Yuck.

Christina said...

Sorry you had a rough day ug! I hope you feel better soon!