Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm HOME!!!!!

I'm back from Autism One, and I must say WOW!!!!!!! What a GREAT was exactly what I needed! I tell you what, there is nothing in the world like Warrior Moms! What an amazing group of moms! Some days you feel so alone in this flipping battle and when you finally get together like that, and you meet other people going threw the same things you are, and juggling as many shit plates as you are, it's a great experience. This will defiantly be an annual event for me! I met so many of my amazing Internet was great to see them in person finally and I felt like we'd been friends forever, it was pretty cool. I think I wiped the vendors out of free samples lol...I have 3 tote bags full of STUFF! The lectures were often do you get to see the greatest minds in the autism community all under one roof like that??? I must say my favorite was Raun Kaufman...I will post more on him later on, because he was too amazing not to share! I got my autographed book from Jenny McCarthy...I must say, my personality I'm not the awestruck fan type...I really could care less if your famous, I don't know you (not to sound unappreciative to the attention she's brought to our community because I AM grateful!)...but I did do the whole picture thing for the heck of it. I also got to see Age Of Autism speak...and they had a few of the Minnesota Somalian parents with them, and the one mom had the whole room in tears she was pretty amazing. I was bummed I had to miss Andrew Wakefield, he spoke before I got there...maybe next year! Anyway, that's just a few small everyone had said, I did leave feeling refreshed, like I can take on the world now...Autism One really is recharging the batteries so we can continue this journey on the quest to heal our kids!


Heather said...

I'm so excited for you that you got to go- insanely jealous as well- but mostly happy for you :) Welcome "home" :)

Bridgett said...

So happy for you! And jealous too! I had planned to go to this for awhile...but finances just didn't fall into place for me. :(

I just knew it would be a great time for you though.



pretty_in_pink said...

I ran into your blog as I was surfing through, and when I saw that you have an autistic son, I decided to read a little more. My sorority's philanthropy is Autism Speaks, we just switched to it recently. I am really excited about getting more involved with autism, and your blog really inspired me to share with my sisters. I enjoy reading your story, and I hope they will too! :)