Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kloee Update...Graduating Step One!!!

Miss Kloee had her final test today for beginner's training class, and she passed top of her class!!! I'm VERY VERY proud of her, and have the utmost confidence that she will have what it takes to be a service dog. In order to pass the class she had to do the basics such as sit and stay for one minute, lay down and stay for one minute, stay while I walk away and then come when called (this has been the hardest for her she wants to come w/ me) We have to put a treat in front of her and tell her to leave it and she can't take it...we have to drop a treat on the floor and tell her to leave it and she can't take it. She had to be able to walk on a leash by my side w/out pulling. She had to sit politely when someone knocks on the door and greet them calmly...I think that was it, I may have forgotten something. On Halloween she starts her next set of classes...I'm excited to see what she will learn and how well she'll do. She is still a puppy, she still chews up stuff in the yard when we're not watching and jumps on the kids and thinks they're her liter mates lol, but all in all she is a great dog!


Christina said...

That is wonderful! She's a gorgeous dog!