Friday, October 9, 2009

Lawsuit: Indianapolis teacher tried to sicken autistic boy

Wow, it doesn't get much sicker than this! Don't wanna deal w/ the kid poison him w/ peanuts!

Lawsuit: Indianapolis teacher tried to sicken autistic boy

By Associated Press

The mother of an 8-year-old autistic boy with severe peanut allergies says his Indiana teacher gave him a peanut-filled candy bar in hopes of making him too sick to go on a zoo field trip.

Anita Young’s lawsuit says special education teacher Trinda Barocas told a classroom aide that they wouldn’t have to deal with the boy misbehaving if he became sick.

Young says her son didn’t eat the candy bar, probably because he doesn’t eat unfamiliar foods.

Barocas has resigned from Mary Bryan Elementary School in Indianapolis. The school contacted Young in March after aides reported Barocas’ behavior.

Barocas doesn’t have a listed phone number. Her lawyer didn’t return a call Friday. Barocas has told state officials that the allegations are false.

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Bridgett said...

Ummm...this woman should be arrested for malicious intent and attempted murder, in my opinion.

Fecking bitch.

Who do these people think they are???

When did it suddenly become okay to hurt children so you don't have to do your job and care for them?

Thank goodness he didn't eat that candy bar.

Welcome To My World said...

Pretty sick isn't it...I agree, they need to get her on attempted don't try to kill a kid cuz you don't want them to go on a field trip!!!

Tiffany said...

As the mother of an 8 year old autistic boy with a peanut allergy, this literally made my heart stop for just a sec. Guess I'm glad I've volunteered to chaperone on my son's field trip in two weeks.

I can't even imagine someone doing this to a child, let alone a teacher. I can't think of anyone we give a higher level of trust with our children. I can only hope she is never allowed a position of authority involving children ever again!!

Welcome To My World said...

Exactly Tiffany, The teachers spend so much time w/ our children that we want and hope they love them, hell at the very least value them. To think that one of them would hurt our children is mind blowing. That teacher might as well have given him a loaded gun to play w/!

kristi said...

seriously, couldn't he have died if he ate that thing?
What is wrong with people?

Michelle said...

Yep, very good chance he could have, that's why I think they should go for attempted murder!