Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday's Window Into My World

Well, I've been doing these doubles for a few weeks, and their ok...I like being home w/ my family more, it's great, but I think I need to play w/ my days. Right now I'm doing 8 on Sunday's off Monday, 16 on Tuesday, off Wed, 16 on Thur, off Fri and Sat...the problem is, I'm so exhausted on Wed, that I take a nap while the kids are in school and then I can't fall asleep until 3/4 am, and then have to turn around and get up at 5:30am and work for 16 hours, it's just not I'm going to play around w/ it the two I'm going to try this scheduale are

Sun 8
Mon 16
Tue off
Wed Off
Thur Off
Fri 16
Sat off


Sun 8
Mon off
Tue 16
Wed off
Thur off
Fri 16
Sat off

Rob thinks the first one will be too much working 3-11 then coming straight back at 7am for a double, and he might be right but I like the idea of having 3 days in a row off...we'll see how it goes


Casdok said...

Am worn out just reading this!!!

Bridgett said...

The three days off would make it worthwhile, I think. :)

That's what I did. I'd do my 16 hour shift first, since I worked from 3 PM to 7 AM. Then I'd come back in the following two nights and do twelve hours shifts. But it would usually give me like 5 or 6 days off in a row, which rocked!

You'll figure something out.

Good luck!

Welcome To My World said...

One 16 and 2 12's wouldn't be bad...that's something to think about too