Friday, January 9, 2009

Food Review Friday

The brand Road's End makes lots of GF/CF cheese products, to date I've tried 2. One is a boxed mac and cheese, and the other is just the cheese (use your own noodles). To put it simply these products are NOT GOOD! I was so excited to try it, as Mac and Cheese use to be a staple lunchtime food in our house...I won't make anything for Tierra and Xander, if I don't have a GF/CF sub for I was REALLY hoping that this would be it. Everything I make for Isaiah I try myself, and this was inedible to me! Besides the fact that it comes out GREEN, it doesn't even remotely taste like mac and cheese! I added some butter flavor crisco and extra milk sub to try and salvage this. I couldn't eat it, but served it anyway in hopes he might like it, as he is less picky than I am. He ate about 4 bites, and that was it...he didn't care for it either. I recommend you don't waste your $4.00 on this box of Mac and Cheese unless you have the most unpicky kid in the world!

I give it one star...the noodles themself are fine, but the cheese sub is disgusting, never mind the fact that it doesn't taste like mac and cheese, it is just plain GROSS


Pros, quick and easy to fix
Cons, Tastes bad

Rating 1 star