Monday, January 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Monday- Chicken tenders with peas
Tuesday-Chicken noodle soup (home made in the crock pot)
Wed-BBQ Chicken breasts
Thur- Pot Roast (Cooked in the crock pot)
Friday-Crock Pot BBQ Ribs

I didn't buy any side dishes at the store this week, (I had to use some of our grocery $ to buy Isaiah a new pair of gym shoes) I will be winging it w/ pantry and freezer items this week

Recipe for Chicken Tenders

This was REALLY good, and is now a staple dinner that will repeat at least every month in our house

It was really easy and quick to prepare which is what is required in my busy house!!!

I thawed some chicken tenders (about 11 is good for my family)
I dipped them in a bowl of milk
Then dipped them in a bowl of scrambled raw eggs
Then dipped them in a bowl of Bobs Red Mill GF All purpose flour

Then fried them in olive oil until crispy and golden (normally I'd use corn oil since it's cheaper but I was all out)

At first my plan was to only make one batch GF, and the other w/ reg flour, but I made a test one, and realized it was so good there was no reason for the rest of us not to have GF chicken tenders too. It was a huge hit w/ everyone!