Wednesday, January 14, 2009

wednesday whine

OMG so today has been a HORRIBLE freaking day!!!!!!!!!! FIRST I get in a fight w/ one of my best friends THEN...I decide I'm not going out in this weather so I call off, can't get my supervisor on the phone (not unusual) so I leave a message like always saying I can't come in...on account of the weather. So 3:30 comes and supervisor calls me asking me where I'm at, I said I called off...she's like well no one knew so you need to come in or it's a no call no show...WTF??????? So I call up bawling to talk to my supervisor as I'm TRYING to drive...honestly I was so upset, I THINK I called the wrong supervisor...which the one I think I called is a bitch and this one was really nice so I don't know...I was like I CALLED OFF WHY AM I GETTING NO CALL NO SHOW, I"M TRYING TO COME IN BUT I DON'T THINK I CAN MAKE IT WHICH IS WHY I CALLED OFF!!!!!!! I'm hysterical, she puts me on hold to find out what the hell is going on!!! Gets back on says no it would just be a call off but please try and get here they need I'm bawling and driving and sliding all over the damn place and fishtailing and 180ing it, you name it. I almost turned back around sooooo many times..., one point I called back to tell her I was making it in, and the car coming twords me lost control and there was almost a 3 car accident (including me) So I'm SCREAMING, and freaking. I don't drive in this shit, I save my call off's for this VERY reason!!! I can't believe I finally made it in...but I'm here AND THEN I GET HERE AND THERE'S 2 OTHER CNA''S ON THE FREAKING FLOOR, yeah it was nice to have me but htey didn't NEED me, the new staffing grids go in to effect in a couple days and they won't ever even call for 3 CNA's so anyway, I was freaking PISSEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD...I'm still PISSED!!!!!! Just pray it's a better drive home than it was coming in, although the ambulance drivers are saying it's bad UGH!!!!!


Heather said...

that really really sucks- sorry you had to travel in that weather for pretty much no reason!!

hope you got home safe!

Christina said...

((((((Michelle)))))) I hope you got home safely!

Domestic Superhero said...

OMG! I can't believe that happened! Please let us know that you've gotten home okay! (((hugs)))