Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tackle it tuesday

The only thing I"m trying to tackle today is strep...Yes, it's my turn. I'm so miserable. I came down w/ it on Saturday...and have pretty much been sleeping since. I am just up long enough to send the kids off to school, get dinner going in the crock pot, then it's back to bed until work. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who has been keeping up w/ the house for me, he rocks!

Also today is Tierra's 12th birthday. I have to work tonight, so I celebrated w/ her this morning...got up early made her my famous french toast and bacon (per her request) and gave her her gift from me, a happy bunny sweat shirt, some jewelry and make-up. Rob had all her stuff laid out for her this morning, her towel for her shower, her coat back pack etc...he'll give her his gift to her tonight (a memory card for her phone so that she can download songs and videos and stuff like that)since I'm working tonight and we won't both see her at the same time we had to do it like that.


Christina said...

Happy birthday Tierra! Hope you feel better Michelle!