Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday's Window Into My World

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I don't have a whole lot of hobbies anymore... I use to write stories, children's books and novels. I use to write poetry, I use to draw, and I use to scrapbook. Unfortunately I don't have time for hobbies that require me to sit down for more than an hour at a time...the only hobbies I can have are the ones I can stop and start on a dime. So the past few years the only hobby I've been able to enjoy is decorating my home. I LOVE to decorate my home! I love watching home and garden shows for inspirations, and searching magazines, sales papers and the Internet.

It started w/ my very first house, we bought it about 8 years ago, it was a small little fixer upper. I designed that house from top to bottom. I turned an ugly run down house into a beautiful home. As soon as it was done, we sold it lol. I think it runs in the family. My grandparents did the very same thing my whole life. They would buy a home, and make drastic changes to the house turning into this beautiful elaborate home and when they ran out of projects they'd sell it and move on to the next!

I'm not sure if I'm taking after them or not, but I may be! At any rate I love decorating my home. I have everything decided in my head and then the search is on to find everything. This can be a very difficult task as there is nothing to say these items I have dreamed up in my head have actually been made! But I won't settle for anything else...but when I DO find that item I've been searching for it's quite exciting! I'm sure it's the same as any hobby, no matter if you're collecting stamps, or coins, or pieces of a home!

So the next little piece I'm looking to collect is a window seat, or settee, or bench whatever you'd like to call it. I need a little more seating in my living room. Right now we have a sofa, and a chair w/ an ottoman...but we need something over by our bay window. I don't want to block the window with a love seat, not to mention the room is too small for a full sized love seat w/ the furniture pieces we have in there. So a backless upholstered bench seams like an ideal piece of furniture to put in front of the window. I've found several very nice benches but they've all had dark wood legs and I think light wood compliment my other pieces much better.

So that's a little peak into my world, and my hobby and what I'm on the search for right now!

Here's SORTA like what I want, but not the one I want



Heather said...

I like that! I love window seats- I use to babysit in this house that just had these awesome wrap around windown seats that went the whole length of their kitchen- it made it such a cool place to hang out with the whole family

Christina said...

That's a really neat idea! I like your hobby, you should post pictures of things you have already done.