Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back and busy!!!!

Tierra and I are back from when you're gone from home for a week, I think it takes 2 weeks to catch back up!!! Tierra and I had a GREAT time in Florida! We went to all the parks at least twice, we walked around so much my feet STILL hurt lol. Her team didn't place in the top 5 which sucks, they honestly didn't do very well, maybe it was nerves or something I don't know but they did 100 times better at their last competition. Tierra did good, she nailed her parts, but the team as a whole...not so great. Oh well, we had a great time anyway! It was nice having some time for just me and my baby girl, we don't get that enough!

Isaiah is doing well, we are still seeing his DAN! Dr. and seeing great progress. His stimming is starting to lessen which is a wonderful thing for us, because with the stimming comes the hyper behaviors. He also has his first little's pretty cute. Her name is Summer, he sits by her at school and they talk on the phone, she asked him if he wanted to be boyfriend/girlfriend and he said sure lol. I'm sure he has no idea that WHAT is meant by being someone's boyfriend, in his mind a girlfriend is a friend who is a girl. Poor kid is so literal he just doesn't get concepts like that.

Santa came to Xanders class the other day, I have a pic of him w/ Santa, and he's not smiling I asked him if he was scared of Santa, he said no I was just nervous lol!!! I just LOVE hearing this kid talk!

I can't believe Christmas is sooooo close!!!! I've barely started Christmas shopping! Tierra and Isaiah both want a nintendo ds game for Christmas that is sold out in all the stores, so I've bought those online, and they promise me I'll have them before Christmas, other than that, I haven't bought anything! They aren't asking for much this year, which is NICE! Tierra wants games for her nintendo, Isaiah wants guns and one game, and Xander wants EVERY toy on tv lol. So being that no one is being real specific this year I guess I'm safe to do late minute shopping. I'm off work hopefully I can go get it all done.

Well that's about it for us right now :)


Christina said...

Sorry the girls didn't do so well but glad you had a great time anyway! Have fun Christmas shopping! I'm finishing mine up Saturday!

Heather said...

it's so nice when kids aren't too specific- so far, neither of my kids, have had a "must-have" item- Corbin's this year is binoculars lol. I'm not done shopping either but trying not to sweat it lol. I have a vision of me on Christmas Eve running around walmart trying to get the last of it.