Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My blogging new years resolutions

So I mentioned that for the new years I wanted to have a few more daily themes that repeated themselves everyweek. For 2008 we had Menu Plan Monday, which I love so much I wanted to add a few more..so here they are!!!!!

Monday I will continue with Menu Plan Monday hosted by I'm an organizing junky. This is where I share what my family will be eating for the week, and I will share a recipe from time to time.

Tuesday will be Tackle it tuesday hosted by 5minutes for mom! This is where I will share a before and after pic of a project around the house I will tackle on tuesdays!

Wednesdays I will give you a window to my world! This is where I will share some random pic I took that will give you a glimps into my life

Thursdays will just be for random blogging, nothing special...thought it'd be too much to do something every day

Fridays will be... Food Review Fridays...this is where I review a GF/CF product we tried that week.