Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Personal New years resolutions

This year I don't have a whole lot of personal resolutions...I've never really been the long list resolution type,mainly because I don't like false promises. I know I won't exersise more, or eat better, or yell at my kids less lol. But I do like to take the time to review what's wrong or right in my life and make a change, and the new year is always a fresh place to start.

For 2009 my biggest resolution is for my family and I to go back to church regularly. We are a strong Christian family who has let life's busyness and work get in the way of our worship...in 2008 we have realized we are becoming lukewarm Christians, and see the tole that is placing on our lives. Rob works days, and I work 3-11's and there is no way around that, which has put a hamper on when we can attend church. After I started work we began to only attend on the occasion Rob was off on Sunday mornings, then it became so I needed that time to catch up on all the sleep I miss during the week. Our church has been talking about starting Saturday Evening services for over a year now, which we kept saying, ok as soon as they start Sat. services we'll go regularly again, but we have decided we can't wait any longer. It took some searching but there is a large church a little over a 1/2 hour from our home that has a Sat. evening service. I have set my schedule for the start of 2009 to make sure I do not work on Saturdays. So that is my big resolution to attend church again, and get our life and family back on track w/ God.

The only other resolution we have is to pay off some debt. We are almost done paying off our van, we should be able to make a payoff w/ our tax return, and we are planning to use our payment $ to pay off some of these stupid little credit cards we've wracked up so we can get back on track w/ our finances also...

So there's my new years resolutions..anyone else making new years resolutions?


Heather said...

I haven't made resolutions in the past couple of years due to the fact that I'd never keep up with them. But I have several this year- goals I have in mind for myself, and I'm determined to do them

* Go back to college in the summer semester (I'm paying off the last of my student loans before with my tax returns)

* Stop spending on the little "extras" we don't need- time to save so we can get a new apartment in Brian's new school district (whatever we end up choosing)

* Exercise- okay, there it is, the one I never stuck to lol- but I've started a routine and am in day 5 of doing it right now- it's not so much I feel I need to get in shape I just find it gives me so much more energy for my day! And I feel so good about myself.

* Put more time and drive into my lia sophia business.

Christina said...

Sounds like you are on track with the New Year! My only resolution is to get our debt under control!

Maddy said...

Not yet. In fact since it's New Year's Eve today, I had better get my act together and think of something fast!

I know it will be something small and insignificant though because then I increase my chances of success. It's like all those people who decide to get fit and join a gym with a year's membership and then sort of fizzle out around February. Better to pick something teeny tiny in my case.
Best wishes