Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm throwing myself a pitty party

So it wasn't the WORST birthday in the world...no that would be the one where my parents took me to Chicago and my mom, aunt and aunts sister in law took me to this great dinner in the city. When we got back to my aunts house, my aunt discovered my uncle, his brother, and my step father, had dinged up her car while we were gone (dumb asses trying to drink and drive!) In which a huge fight errupted ending w/ me hiding in the bathroom, and my step father staying in a hotel. Yeah good times, it wasn't long after that, that I stoppped celebrating birthdays, that's how holidays, vacations, and birthday's were in my family...the pressure for that PERFECT day was too much and it always ended up in a fight. When I met Rob he was determined to change that for me, he wanted me to celebrate birthdays again...it took me a while to let my gaurd down, but I've finally started to enjoy my birthdays again, my special day, the day where it's all about me.

But today I felt like nothing was about me...my husband didn't get me a card, a $10 present, nothing. Seriously I haven't had a new pair of scrubs in over a year, you know how much it would have meant to me to get a new scrub top, or new pair of PJ's my family knows how much I love my PJ's, I haven't gotten a new pair of those in a year either...the only thing I asked the kids for was for once to be able to come home from work to a clean house...but NOPE... I got nothing. One of my co-workers offered to work for me today, but I declined, it was a very sweet offer, she thought I'd want to stay home and spend my birthday w/ my family, and usually I would, but it was obvious it was just another day to them, and it would hurt less if I was at work while they went about their day. Then after work I went to the store, got the food for the week. While I was in line I texted Tierra and asked her in she could help me bring in the grosheries, she said she would. I get home 10/15 minutes later, and find her asleep, SERIOUSLY you couldn't stay awake to help your mom bring in the damn food!!!!! WTF!!!!! Ugh I'm hurt, So I have popped open my new years eve coctail, and am sipping my sorrows away on some mailibu and pineapple juice...celebrating my birthday alone.


Heather said...

awww I'm sorry- I feel your pain- I've had some really really crappy birthdays- my ex (the boys' father) never could care less about my birthday and always forgot them (until that last year when I told him right before my bday that i was leaving him and i magically got a weekend getaway to Canada lol- still left him though, my mind was made up)

so anyways- I'm really really sorry- I know how it feels- it should be a special day and you should've got spoiled just a little bit (((hugs))) whine all you want! i'm here to listen :)

Christina said...

((((Michelle)))) I think all of us moms have been there before. I'm sorry you had a crappy birthday.

Krista said...

Aw hon :(. I'm sorry your had such a crappy day :( What's the deal with Rob?!?!?! (((((((((Hugs))))))))))